Principal's Message


Welcome to King-Chavez Primary Academy,


I have been a proud servant of the King-Chavez community since 2006. During this time, I have been amazed at the results that can be achieved when a whole school community works diligently together toward the same goals. Through a strong home-school connection and high expectations for all,

I believe that students will succeed, regardless of the many challenges they might encounter in their lives.


King-Chavez Primary Academy (KCPA) is part of the King-Chavez Neighborhood of Schools, an organization that in 2005 had the opportunity to restructure the struggling King Elementary in the Stockton/Logan Heights community of San Diego. The mission of King-Chavez Neighborhood of Schools is simple: We seek Excellence in Academics, Arts, and Athletics from the foundation of Love. KCPA has focused on fundamental educational practices, collaboration among teachers and with families, and high expectations for student achievement. We offer many opportunities for students to have experiences they would not normally receive, through hands-on activities, Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, and a socio-emotional curriculum. KCPA has proven that every child can achieve at high levels and was a recipient of the Title I Academic Achievement Award for 5 consecutive years while maintaining an API well over 800 since 2007.


The goals that our students pursue as part of King-Chavez Primary Academy are taught in the form of our “Give Me 5 Pledge”. As a school that serves students in the primary grades, our aim is to promote basic academic habits, which will lay the foundation for students to become life-long learners. This five-part pledge helps even the youngest students to understand the importance of academic achievement and social-emotional development necessary for success in the real world:

  1. Come to school every day on time

  2. ready to learn

  3. in uniform

  4. with my homework done

  5. and treat my classmates and my teachers with respect


Please, come by our school if you would like a tour or if you have any questions.



Best Regards,

Gerry Guevara


King-Chavez Primary Academy

(619) 525-7320

415 31st Street

San Diego, CA 92102