The mission of the KCCHS counseling department. "Our counseling mission is to serve as a positive resource of  development  and provide a comprehensive school counseling program to all students. Our services are designed to help students develop and enhance their academic, socilal, career, and personal strengths in order to become responsible and prooductive citizens". 

What we do:  Our works involves many tasks such as but not limited to: crisis intervention, academic advising, college advising, scholarships, peer mediations, facilitating groups and individual counseling, and participating in home visits.

In order to graduate and participate in the June 2017 commencement events King Chavez Community High School requires seniors to have the following requirements:
44 credits that include all required classes
A 2.0 minimum cumulative Grade Point Average in grades 9-12
Complete 40 hours of community service by their senior year



Applications to 4 year universities are due November 30, 2016.

Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) filing period October 1, 2016 - March 2, 2017

San Diego Common Application Scholarship opens December, 2016

9th  - 12th graders prepare for college through Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID)


All students at King Chavez Community High School can research careers and colleges through their Naviance accounts.

Who to contact? 

Ms. Bringas - 9th - 11th   

Ms. Solis  12th grade    College and Career Advisor