• University Acceptances This Week!

    Aldo Alcazar: CSU Stanislaus, CSU San Marcos, Point Loma Nazarene University

    Ingrid Clara: CSU Fullerton, San Diego State University, Point Loma Nazarene University

  • Outdoor Outreach Snow Hiking

    This month our students went Snow Hiking in Mt. San Jacinto. For many, this was their first experience in the snow.

  • Law High at the California Western School of Law

    King Chavez Community High School students participated in Law High at the California Western School of Law where they were able to learn what they could do with a Law degree and participated in g

  • KCCHS Mock Trial

    Congrats, 2017 Mock Trial Team, in your successful completion of an other amazing competitve season.  Our KC team worked tirelessly for the past four months preparing for the SD County Competition

  • USD Rotary Peace Forum

    Saturday KCCHS Rotary students attending the USD Rotary Peace Forum covering various topics from boarders to sex trafficking to building the first children's hospital in Mexico.

  • Fall 2016 Internship Exhibition

    Students highlighted their internship projects, community service activities, professional relationships and more!

  • KCCHS Internship

    Congratulations to Karla P, who was the face of Girls Who Code at the SD Futures Foundation’s December Newsletter.

  • MLK Human Dignity Award Breakfast

    KCCHS representing at the MLK Human Dignity Award Breakfast.“L-R”  Mr. Bradshaw, Aldo Alcazar, Ahime Amaya and Ms. Soils.

  • Environmental Science Zoo Field Trip

    Environmental Science students explored the San Diego Zoo in order support what they learned in the classroom about endangered species.

  • Life Management Class

    Ms. Bordine's Life Management class, applies their nutrition,cooking and math skills to create Old Fashioned Pancakes from scratch.