Mentor Expectations

-Mentor FAQ’s

What's in it for me?

Support our future leaders.

Contribute to the development of the local workforce.

Engage students in projects that support your needs and goals as an organization/business.

Feel good about yourself and your employer.

Who is responsible for liability?

KCHS students/interns are covered under a group accident policy by the KC Public Schools' insurance/liability provider. The policy extends to certain activities off the school's premises, including internships held during the school day.

What is the schedule for a KCHS intern?

Students will report to internship Monday through Friday, Except Wednesday.

Hours: 9:30am - 12:00pm or 1:30pm - 4:00pm.

Employers may host one or both shifts.

Internships are held during students' junior year

How does my intern get to my site?

Each KCHS student has a monthly bus/trolley pass and will know the best route to get to his/her internship each day on time.

How are KCHS students prepared for internships?

Courses and training that prepare students for the internship experience:

9th Grade--Leadership

Leadership traits, community commitment, communication, and social norms.

10th Grade--Career Development

Job searching, career exploration, professionalism/customer service, and time management.

Do I have to grade my intern(s) and or assist with internship related assignments?

You do not grade your intern, but you will be asked to complete two brief reviews and communicate with the KCHS Internship Coordinator. Also, you may be asked to support school assignments related to internships (i.e., mentor/informational interviews, project/presentation assistance, etc).

Does KCHS provide any support/training to me as a mentor?

A designated Internship Coordinator, easily accessible and available to employers, mentors, and students, will oversee the internship experience and provide any needed support. We post materials about mentoring, project design, dress code, evaluations, and other topics online. Additionally, you will be invited to a mentoring and focus luncheon prior to the start of each internship semester.

What support does my intern get from KCHS?

Students participate in a reflective internship course at school where questions, concerns, issues, school assignments, and ideas are addressed. Finally, KCHS is small learning community, so the staff, administrators and student advisors will be informed on internships and student placements.

How old are the KCHS students participating in the internship program?

KCHS interns are in 11th grade and most of them are at least 16 years old.