ASSETs Program

  • ASB Leadership Club

    Become a spirit ambassador for our school! Please join Ms. Quach on Tuesday's at 1010. Work with our students to host fun events like Spirit Week and Field Trips.

  • Boxing Club

    Join us every Tuesday and Thursday in the weight room at A Street. Working in collaboration with ABC Boxing, students will learn the basics of boxing.

  • Circulo De Hombres

    This Club is for men, leaders and mentors in our community.

  • Club Sports

    Do you want to get active? But your nerouvs because you've never tried a sport before?

  • Cooking Club

    Cooking Club is back and better than ever!  Teaching you how to make more of the dishes that you demanded.  The club meets every Wednesday for full culinary training, where you learn the prep work

  • Creating First Impressions (CFI)

    Please join us afterschool at 1010 on Weds. from 1:00 - 3:00pm. Learn about the basics like resume writing and interview schools.

  • Cultura and Design

    Join on On Thursday at 4:00pm at the A street building. Learn the basics of graphic design. Use your skills to create T-Shirts. Blend our culture, your voice and design. 

  • David' Harp Foundation

    Are you an aspiring musician? Do you rap, write, drop beats? Come to our recording studio every Weds. from 1:00 - 3:00pm. Share you story and talent through rap and hip hop. 

  • Fitness Club

    Fitness Club meets in the weight room on Mondays, Tuesdays,  and Thursdays.  Coach Metzger supervises and provide workout and nutrition advise, to help anyone meet their fitness goals, Athletes an

  • Friends of Dorothy (LGBT Club)

    This club is held every Friday at A Street. Become part of a community that works together to celebrate differences and helps increase awareness within the LGBT community.