ASSETs Program

  • 3D Modeling and Design

    Every Thursday in the back room of the counseling office at A Street the 3D Modeling and Design club gets together.  Backed by one of the designers at

  • ABC Boxing

    Through a paretnership with ABC Youth Foundation, KCCHS students recieve word-class boxing training, mentoring, and homework help.

  • Academic Tutoring

    Academic Tutoring happens Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays, and Fridays at KCCHS.  Teachers are available at both the A street and 1010 buildings in all subjects.  The room schedule can be found on the

  • ASSETs (Afterschool Program)

    King-Chavez Community High School was choosen as a recipient of an annual $250,000 grant program, called ASSETs.  The primary purpose of the grant is to build a safe and enclusive program which ru

  • CAHSEE Study Group

    The CAHSEE Study Group meets on Saturday mornings.  The group give students the skills they need to be excellent test takers and pass the CAHSEE test(required to graduate!).

  • Cooking Club

    Cooking Club meets every Wednesday in Ms. Mahzad's room at the 1010 building.  KCCHS has partnered up with Leah's Pantry With a focus on kitchen skills and nutrition.

  • Fitness Club

    Fitness Club meets in the weight room on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

  • Girls Group

    Girls group focuses on creating a positive self image, fostering healthy realtionships, nutrition, and other issues/skills that affect our young ladies here at KCCHS

  • Jr. Apprentice Program

    In a partnership with The Marc Academy, Dr. Donna teaches entrepreneurial business and marketing skills. This motivated bunch meets every Tuesday.

  • Knitting

    On Thursdays Ms. Mahzad hosts knitting club in her room.  Perfect for expressing your artistic side or for creating the ideal gift!