ASSETs Program

  • Academic Tutoring

    Academic Tutoring happens Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays, and Fridays at KCCHS.  Teachers are available at both the A street and 1010 buildings in all subjects.  Just ask your teacher, when they are

  • Art Club

    Do you doodle? Like to draw?

  • CAHSEE Study Group

    The CAHSEE Study Group meets on Saturday mornings.  The group give students the skills they need to be excellent test takers and pass the CAHSEE test(required to graduate!).

  • Club Sports

    Do you want to get active? But your nerouvs because you've never tried a sport before?

  • Cooking Club

    Cooking Club is back and better than ever!  Teaching you how to make more of the dishes that you demanded.  The club meets every Wednesday for full culinary training, where you learn the prep work

  • Fitness Club

    Fitness Club meets in the weight room on Mondays, Tuesdays,  and Thursdays.  Coach Metzger supervises and provide workout and nutrition advise, to help anyone meet their fitness goals, Athletes an

  • Guitar Club

    Bring your guitar, borow one of ours, or just hang out and listen!  This Motley Crew jams out on Mondays on the second floor.  Sometimes it's rock n roll, sometimes it's folk, but its always fun!

  • Photography

    So much more than just instagram! Mrs.

  • Reach Higher

    You are college bound!  Every Monday and Tuesday is an open college going clinic with Ms Quinsaat and Ms. Alonzo.

  • Running Club

    Run Forrest, Run!  Running club is a great way to stay fit and just a fun hobby, if you like running...  Running Club meets every Wednesday in the Cafeteria at A Street.