A Messsage from the Administrators











Welcome to King-Chavez Community High School (KCCHS) 2013-2014 school year.  We have a number of new and exciting things happening at KCCHS:  We have a new leadership team; Dr. Consuelo Manríquez is our new principal and Mr. Bradshaw is our new Dean of Students. This year, more students are choosing to come to KCCHS, giving us our largest ever enrollment. Consequently we have our largest staff team ever also, offering a full A-G selection of courses, AP courses and of course athletic opportunities.

After-school activities receive a huge boost this year through a $250,000 'ASSET' grant, which will bring a wide range of academic enrichment and physical activity opportunities to our students. The academic program is strengthened by the use of AVID strategies by all teachers, with students learning vital study skills and now required to have a well-organized binder. We are offering an exciting CCTE (College, Career and  Technical Education) pathway this year which starts with Video Production 1-2 where students learn how to create, edit and produce multi-media at a professional level. A group of students are embarking on a cultural exchange with a school in Italy, in October, which will be the first ever international trip undertaken by KCCHS students and staff.

Other grants secured by the King-Chavez Neighborhood of Schools leadership team will further empower KCCHS in offering rigorous academic instruction in alignment with the incoming CCSS (Common Core State Standards) curriculum and 21st Century Learning instructional approaches. This includes a greater focus on vertical alignment and collaboration with the two King-Chavez middle schools, Prep and Excellence, which will make the transition from 8th to 9th grade smoother.