A Messsage from the Administrators

Welcome to King-Chavez Community High School (KCCHS) 2014-2015 school year.  We have a number of new and exciting things happening at KCCHS.  We have added new people to our Student Achievement Team (SAT). Mr. Mason has a new assignment as Data and Assessment Administrator, Mr. Hoover is our new ELD coordinator, Ms. Arias is our Peer Coach and Staff Developer, Ms. Quinsaat is the Head Counselor and finally Mr. Gentile as the Athletic Director that has transformed our Sports department.

This year, more students are choosing to come to KCCHS, giving us our largest ever enrollment, our goal was 600 and we started with 630 students. Consequently we have our largest staff team ever also, offering a full A-G selection of courses, Honor courses and of course more athletic opportunities.

Both of our buildings, A Street and 1010 are equipped with more technology that teachers are using in their classroom.  All 11th grade students are part of the new Blended Learning Classroom in Math and ELA with Ms. MCrary and Ms. Perez.  Also, KCCHS has increased their offering of AVID classes: 2 in the 10th grade and 1 in the 9th grade.  All 9th graders are in taking Integrated Math 1 every day including a new class with math support: Virtual Lab Learning.  We started a Business class that will add a new pathway for a Business Academy. The Multimedia Production pathway is on its second year and we are offering Video Production 3/4. We have a new selection of electives: Women's Studies, Chicano Studies, Environmental Justice, Dance, Ethnic Studies, and Forensics Science.  Altogether, KCCHS has 52 classes College Board approved and we are on our way to have 100% approved.  Our teachers continue to get professional development in many areas and now more than 60% are getting their Leading Edge Certification. 

After-school activities received a huge boost this year through a $250,000 'ASSET' grant, which will bring a wide range of academic enrichment and physical activity opportunities to our students. Under the leadership of Mr. Gentile, the after school program has grown and we have a student leadership group that is driving force behind the clubs at KCCHS.

It is an exciting year for KCCHS! We have an incredible new team of staff and teachers that are ready to make a difference in the lives of our students.  Vamos Vaqueros!