Welcome to the Cheetah Family, Ms. Britney Cullen

Friday, December 2, 2016

Please help the King-Chavez Academy of Excellence welcome our newest staff member, Ms. Britney Cullen. Ms. Cullen will be taking over the Physical Education duties for our Kinder through 8th grade students. Originally from Massachusetts, Britney moved to San Diego in August of 2015. She has 5 people in her family including her mother and father, two younger brothers, and herself. But wait, there's more! Britney has a blue nose pit bull named Vince. Vince is such a good puppy that Britney says, " He is the best dog in the world!" Vince just turned 5 years old and he loves to play. 

Did you know that Britney's grandfather was a superintendent of schools for 21 years? He taught her to be compassionate about education, to build strong relationships, and to always smile because "those pearly whites" can brighten someone else's day. Being from Boston, she has many favorite sports teams, but her two favorites have to be the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. "How you like dem apples?"

Britney loves to participate in and watch all types of sports. In high school, she played soccer, basketball, and tennis. When she graduated from high school, she went off to college where she played tennis and lacrosse. She said if she had to choose, she would say that soccer and basketball are at the top of her list right now.

Britney is very excited to embark on this new journey with the students and staff at KCAE. She looks forward to challenging the students to try new sports and activities, educating them on a healthy and fit lifestyle, and looks forward to building postitive relationships throughout the King-Chavez community. I asked her if she would like to communicate any "words of wisdom" for our students? Her reply really encompasses something all of us as human beings should practice on a daily basis. Welcome!

"Character is the real foundation of success, so be kind to others." -Cullen