KCAE Showcase of Learning

Friday, April 28, 2017

On April 27th, the Kinder through 8th grade students at the King-Chavez Academy of Excellence held a public showcase of their learning. The showcase focused on what the students are currently studying in their present classes. The projects beautifully exemplified the students' creativity and knowledge in their current field. Many utilized technology, graphic design, engineering, and literacy skills.  The students proudly and confidently presented their projects in groups or individually inside their classroom and out in the fresh evening air. 

Mrs. Gomez' Kindergarten class showcased their knowledge of bugs and even had students using words like "entomologist". Ms. Pacheco's 4th grade class presented acrostic poems, news video reports, and exhibited art to explain character traits from the book "Shiloh". Ms. Torres' 6th grade class capitalized on the bottle flipping craze that has taken the campus by storm. Her students took great pride in determining, through multiple experiments, the most consistent method on how to flip a bottle to make it land upright. They experimented with different techniques, speeds, and distances that they charted and graphed for display. Ms. Mazalewski's 7th graders made monster babies demonstrating their knowledge of heredity. Students learned how genes are passed down by parents to their offspring and created their own monsters using Punnet squares. The students learned about dominant and recessive genes, chromosomes, alleles, and other science lingo that they were able to articulate to any interested parties out at the lunch tables during the showcase. 

The illustrious evening was concluded with a raffle and anyone who attended was sure to see that the students of the King-Chavez Academy of Excellence are capable of producing some amazing work!